Missions 3x3x

This is a call to participate and be engaged in Kingdom building.  Our giving to the church is an act of worship.  As Steve said Sunday, our worship through song is about the heart, not the quality of our voice.  Our giving is also about the heart, not about the dollar amount.

Here is a single overview slide which summarizes some of the many works being done by you, made possible by our giving.  I would encourage you to choose one of the 4 broad categories and ask about it, pray over it and engage in it.  And please be prayerful and intentional as we approach our special giving on March 18th.

2017 Missions Summary Slide

Here is one example of incredible work that was accomplished last year because of you:

A successful Gospel Chariot ministry continued in Kenya thanks to Tusculum support made possible through the 3x3x funds.  These mobile campaigns go into unreached communities to:
preach the gospel
distribute World Bible School lessons and Bibles
meet community needs

baptize new believers (215 baptized in 2017, 51 so far in 2018!)

Your generosity in 2017 touched many people around the world. Here are a few ways you touched people with the LOVE of JESUS!
Because you gave in 2017