Caring by Sharing

On Saturday, August 5, 2017, (8:30 AM-1:00 PM) the Tusculum Church of Christ will hold its annual “Caring by Sharing” clothing giveaway. Just in time for school, this incredible service event offers only FREE clothing for the entire Nashville community.

All tables are organized by gender, size, seasonal, school uniform, etc. – covering the entire gym floor. And these clothes are not, “I wouldn’t wear it so I’ll give it away” clothes – there are piles of name brand clothes – some even new – all free with no strings attached – a fact that often baffles first-time recipients.

Open to anyone, no specific requirements other than registration on day of the event!

Free childcare for infants throught 6 years old provided while parents shop for clothes.

*As of July 2nd, you may begin bringing clothes to the building for our annual Caring by Sharing Clothing Giveaway, which will be Saturday, August 5. Clothes should be clean, in good condition, in bags with ties (preferably labeled Men’s or Women’s and sizes, if already sorted), or bins with lids, and can be brought to the Great Hall. We accept clothes for all seasons (men, women and children), shoes, hats, accessories, purses, and coats. We will have limited space for hanging clothes, so please only bring the following on hangers: men’s and women’s suits, men’s dress shirts, ladies’ dresses, and heavy winter coats.