Mission Statement: The purpose of the Lean on Me ministry is to help fellow members in their time of need, particularly financially.  For many years this ministry has helped countless Tusculum families keep their lights on, avoid being evicted from their home, keep from drowning under medical bills, afford gas and food while taking care of a family member in the hospital, and so much more. 

Ministry Leader: Brad Russell, Jerry Burchett
Elder: PR Anderson

Ways you can serve:

  • Be involved in each others lives, and advocate for your brothers and sisters when they need help. So very few of us are good at asking for help when its needed. The vast majority of needs we learn about from friends of those in need. Without this network of a loving family, we wouldn’t know who to help.
  • Give when you are able.  It is amazing to watch how God meets urgent needs with seemingly random donations.  Without giving, this ministry has no financial help to pass on.