Mission Statement:  To provide members a chance to be stewards of talent and money by using your time and talents by performing tasks around the church building and lawn and saving the church money by not having to pay outside contractors.

Ministry Leader:  David Gee
Elder:  Rob Frankum

Currently Tusculum uses only 3 part-time workers to help with cleaning around the church building.  All maintenance with exception to lawn care during the summer has for the most part been taken care of by current members.

Ways you can serve:

  • Join the team to use a commercial vacuum cleaner weekly to vacuum the building
  • Help to clean the gym floors once a week, become a volunteer to help us do this on a weekly basis.
  • Help buff the floors or shampoo carpet
  • Help with odd jobs and projects that come up occasionally
    • Can you change a light bulb?
    • Do you like to use a hammer?
    • Can you replace a ceiling tile?
  • Did you know our chairs need to be repaired frequently?
  • Volunteer to help with general maintenance.
  • Enjoy landscaping?
    • We currently have a some people who help us maintain the landscaping around the church building.  They tend to rose bushes, prune trees and keep the amphitheater weeded and useful.
  • Do you have a chainsaw? You could help when we have trees that have fallen.
  • Have a backpack sprayer? Maybe you can go around and spray the weeds in the lawn to make it beautiful in the spring and summer.
  • Help us with landscaping projects as they come up?

Please let us know what your talent may be.