Mission Statement: To help teens grow in faith, connect with others, and share the love of Christ with the world.

Ministry Leaders: Matt & Leigh Anne Clark, Andy & Kathy Flanigan, JR & Christy Mullens (youthleaders@tusculum.org)
Deacon: Matt Clark, JR Mullens, Andy Flanigan
Elder: Glenn McGehee                                                                                                                        Youth minister: Matt Wilber (wilber@tusculum.org)


The youth ministry is an intentional arm of the larger body at Tusculum. Our vision is to glorify God by advancing the gospel and making disciples in and through generations of students.

To accomplish this we use a four-part strategy. First, we embody, teach, encourage, and challenge our students through love. Secondly, this true love produces a freedom and liberates our students to fully become alive. Thirdly, we lead our students on a journey towards self-denial and daily discipleship. Lastly, we launch our students out into the world to bring His light, life, and love to the darkness.

In the TYM, you can expect to encounter God through the teaching of His word in fun and unique ways. We have traditional Sunday and Wednesday classes for students 6th through 12th grade where we try to present God’s story in many ways. We host retreats, devotionals, and summer camps where students encounter God outside the traditional class setting. We believe these encounters are vital to living a redeemed life, but there is more to it than that. You can also expect to connect with other students and families through events and trips designed to build and foster relationships. We believe it is through these connections that God’s redemptive work is first felt and seen. We are intended to live in community, and the TYM intentionally provides common shared experiences to help build community and deepen relationships with one another, the church as a whole, and our individual families. Building off that community, we seek to make the TYM a place where students and families love others through service. The TYM intentionally provides opportunities for service, mission work, and everyday kindness that enable others to experience the redemption of Jesus Christ.


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Ways you can serve:

  • Classes
    • teach/lead small group discussions
  • Sunday Nights
    • Prepare a meal
    • Serve a meal
    • Clean up after meal
    • Just be present interact with teens
  • “Shepherds”
    • Be mentors for different age groups
  • Trips:
    • Help lead trips such as retreats, mission trips, camp, etc.
    • Making disciples is not something reserved for adults. Our teens are active in the kingdom now!