Theme 2020: FollowersOur prayer is that every Tusculum member in 2020 will become a more deeply committed Christ follower in EVERYTHING they do. At Tusculum, we’re not interested in producing fans for Jesus but FOLLOWERS of Jesus.

If you have only been a fan of Jesus in the past, we challenge and encourage you to become a truly committed follower of Jesus in 2020.

In 2020 will you boldly walk by faith, or stumble in fear? Will you be a committed follower of Christ, or will you be led by the world? The choice is yours!

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Everything we do is because we believe that Jesus Christ is the son of the one true God. We believe that he lived on this earth and gave his life for each of us so we could have a relationship with him both now and forever.

We believe these three elements are vital to personal spiritual growth and are critical to our congregational spiritual well being.

It’s all about Him.

While worship is something we do all day every day, we can think of no better way to start each week than gathering as a body to praise Him together. We begin at 9 AM each Sunday morning.

All of our acts of worship are strictly voluntary and you may participate according to your comfort level. We will never intentionally do anything to embarrass you – such as ask you to stand so we can identify you. We have a “come as you are” attitude and you will find our members dressed in everything from suits to jeans.

Our services consist of communion, prayers, scripture readings, a sermon, and singing praises through a capella music.

We are all ministers.

Showing Jesus to the world often begins by meeting physical needs. We believe we are called to be an outward-focused church where every member is a minister.

We were all visitors once…

Community is paramount to a healthy spiritual life. From worship assemblies and Bible studies to service projects and Home Groups, you will find a variety of opportunities to connect with others.